Company Background

In the current era, business people are required to make innovation as well as efficiency in running their business, acceleration to run the company undertaking and enhancing performance as well as overcoming all disturbance immediately that may hinder the move of company production are among those that need priority.

In overcoming such business problems, on way is to transfer some of the supporting function in company to the third parties (outsourcing company) so that the company will be able to be more focused on developing its Core Business.

The need of quick and update repair services (servicing) is one of the today’s customer demand. Our company has sufficient equipment supported by highly qualified, skillful and experienced human resources which are one of the alternatives that can be used to deal with the disturbances, damages / make any repairs to production machinery that the customers have.

In connection with the repair services rendered, PT SCC WORKS wishes to participate in providing reparation services / maintenance of production machinery and equipment by using our services. Furthermore, we are committed to continually improving our quality services in order to provide the best services to our customers in sustainable manner.