Field Of Business

Our company was established under Deed pf Notary Elizabeth Telly Amelia Ratnawati, SH, by virtue of deed number: 02 dated 5 April 2001 by the name of CV. Surabaya Steel Construction, and registered to Ministry of Industry and Trade by virtue of SIUP No. 00130/17-05/SIUP/PM/V/2003 in May 2003, and Industrial Business License Number : 072/530/ILMEA M/IZ.00.03/X/2003 in October 2003.

On the date of 19 July 2005, our business entity was further established and moving forward as we transformed into a Limited Liability Company (PT) by the name of PT. SSC WORKS through legalization of Notary Yuni Astuti SH No. 68

PT. SSC WORKS has been booked as firm Taxable through taxable entrepreneur confirmation letter No. Pem-222/WPJ.14/KP.0103/2006 destablished in Balikpapan on 28 July 2006 with company name : PT. SSC WORKS No. NPWP : 02.497.797.7-721.000 with address Jl. Marsma R. Iswahyudi No. 502 Balikpapan.